"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, April 30, 2015

the gift of an ordinary day

There's not a lot of spare time to peruse Facebook.

Come to think about it, there's just not much time any more, period. Family to run and all that.

But, Facebook makes birthday's fun because when you check there on your special day, every single name of an individual wishing you the very best shares a little piece of your own history. 

Each takes you back to a place where you stood with them, laughed with them, and held a moment in time. 

So to each and every friend, I thank you for your sweet expressions and appreciate the gift of my own personal walk down memory lane to a time I stood with you.

Life is so very busy. We come. We go. Sometimes, it feels like we forget to breathe.

When asked what I did that was memorable, special and extraordinary for my birthday .. I say simply, I stopped.

Today was a celebration of the gift that an ordinary day simply .... IS.

Thank you for the best birthday yet.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I wish that there were more one on one moments like those we make time for on birthdays. 

We get them in snippets but a birthday is special.

This year, Janie's birthday fell on a day with no school and we stole away, just the two of us, to do her favorite things.

She carried the conversation with all the happenings of life that I'd been missing. We talked away. And it hit me ... 

She and I are going to be great friends because when we get out of the stresses of school, competition for attention, and fight to be heard ... we communicate and enjoy everything about each other. 

I love her fire and her drive.

I love her organized ways.

I love her friendships and her dedication to them.

I love how she gets things done. 

I love all her quirks

I love her depth.

And I'm so grateful that she came to teach me so very many things.

Happy Birthday, Janie! Thank you for sharing it with me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

you know, easter did happen

I just love Easter. It's one of those holidays that makes me long for home. Growing up, we were full of traditions and those traditions draw my heart towards family every single year.

Maybe one day, my children will feel the same.

Benedikt didn't seem to mind that I ran out of baskets and had to substitute with my bright kitchen bowls.

He probably thinks that's some sort of strange American tradition now, not just my inadequacy.

We had plenty of Easter goodies to fill those bowls though. These boys gave me their best early morning thrilled faces.

It's the absolute best when the Easter holiday coincides with General Conference. I think I soaked up every word.

Our neighbors stopped by while walking their sheep in the afternoon. My kids have begged for one ever since.

It was so warm out.

There was some afternoon egg dying where everyone tapped their creative sides.

We gained another child somewhere along the way :)

I can't help but love full grown kids who are excited to egg hunt. Helps to hide some money in a few of those plastic eggs.

Those big kids tore off climbing over one another so I was left to help and take pictures of little people.

Sure wish I had a picture of those big ones, though, darn it! I must have just been too shocked in amusement at their enthusiasm to even snap a shot.

There's always one joker who robs the candy from the eggs and re-hides them with rocks for others while hunting.

The after hunt egg count so the lawnmower won't get any stragglers once the grass grows:

A group of teenagers trying to fool me into thinking that they are not lobbing boiled eggs off into the woods:

Then following an Easter dinner, a walk to try out those kites the Easter bunny brought.

No Sunday stroll would be complete without trying to get these two to play photo shoot for me.

Mostly unsuccessfully.

There it is.

And back to giddiness.

And that's what I call a little piece of Easter perfection.