"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

july fourth

Can we just have this day over and over again?

That's what sleepy Charlotte asked as I tucked her into bed last night and I couldn't agree more.

The Fourth of July is probably my favorite holiday. Good food, good friends and a heart filled with gratitude for freedom and a country where we enjoy every minute of it.

Grant started off our day with a spectacular pancake breakfast put on by our local scout troop. 

These boys did a pretty awesome job serving nearly 575 hungry folks.

Then our main street filled up with arm to arm camping chairs for the best parade ever.

It began with Star Spangled Banner and I can never help getting a bit emotional at that. At a parade no less! The kids had a good laugh at my welling eyes and protests at dirt allergies ;)

Following the parade full of floats from every club in town, all the search, rescue and emergency teams, along with some churches, banks, our local vets, band or two and teams and teams of horses, we spent some time dancing to big band music and sucking down root beer floats at our local block party.

Not one picture. It was too much fun to dig out the camera.

We took a much needed rest in the afternoon and then headed to the lake with some friends.

This girl braved a swim out to the diving platform as the sun sunk over the mountain.

She swam back and climbed out exclaiming she was not a baby anymore.

Our town fireworks display was canceled due to some nearby forest fires but we whooped it up with friends as the light faded.

And I felt the same. Couldn't we have this day, every day?

Happy Day of Independence!

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